Saturday, February 16, 2008

MS Word 2003 and OpenOffice .. and a rant of co-existing...

I was typing my document in OpenOffice 2.0 (.odt) at since I am experimenting with Linux and I wanted to make some quick notes with graphics and stuff and the best I can get is OpenOffice. I tried to open it in MS Word 2003 in another personal computer I have running Win XP and it failed to open.

Why haven't Microsoft come out with a plugin for OpenOffice to allow opening of OpenOffice files ? Isn't it a fairly simple logic ? If you want to dominate a market , you weed out your competitors. So you would deprive others of chances... Why can't Microsoft co exist with others ? Including in terms of file format and cross platform operability , why can't Microsoft co-exist and keep denying of service with other players ?

What happen if a great and very profitable product were to be developed to work on a competitors product and it's selling so hot but of all things , it doesn't work just on Windows platform . Do you like the same thing to happen ? Do you think you can always dominate a market ?

There is always new risings everywhere. new breakthroughs , new products ... All things is impermanent and all things are subjected to changes...who knows if someone might succeed Windows and Microsoft as the next giant.

Although there are much nasty things about this software giant (Microsoft) , at least it's willing to create an MS Office 2007 to OpenOffice plugin and that's a first step of cooperation.

What I really wish is for a harmonious relationship between platforms of Microsoft , Linux , Mac , BSD , Solaris ...etc. i don't like to see them at logger heads. It's very frustrating to see wars between them. I think Microsoft should stop trying to make things difficult for Linux users and stop telling Linux off that they have violated this copyright , that patent ..this and that. Linux have much things to offer for Microsoft to learn and Microsoft can teach Linux a thing or two. If everyone were to drop all these wars and get together to brainstorm in harmony , I think technology would grow by leaps and bounds and the foundation for technology would be very stable and resiliant to malicious attacks (the technology isn't stable yet these days) .

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