Thursday, February 14, 2008

Internal Window like Frame ads pop up

I think everyone have made many situations where they visit websites like hotmail or microsoft or msnbc and when your mouse just runs over an ads banner or the ads maybe automatically programmed to pop up , these days they don't use a normal html windows where another mini mrowser window or another new tab is opened. I think these new ads internal frame like pop up are getting very very irritating and when I tried to click the close link on the internal frame like pop up trying to hoepfully get rid of it so it doesn't block my view of reading (yes, the pop up opens big and blocks your damn view while you are reading an article and this is what hotmail , microsoft and msnbc have so far to my observation being doing) and it's irritating. Imagine when you are reading and your mouse acidentally moused over the ads banner and caused the pop up or if the ads pop up just sprang up automatically... it's damn irritating all the time and many blocks your view of the articles you are reading. I think anti pop up makers may want to look into such internal pop ups as a new feature in their pop up and ads blocking. The most irritating part is that some close links for you to click to close the pop up just wouldn't close or the close font is sometimes too small to click.

Another thing more worrying is that the javascript or codes for doing all these pop ups or the close link may or may not contain some malicious codes , compromising your system. There are many reports and cases how malicious javascript codes are used to compromise systems and these are very wide spread and since many users are not going to look at the source codes or don't know any jaascripting , they are very likely to fall for such traps. Who knows if the close link or the pop up script including silently logging your ip address , mac address or covertly compromising or making your system silently opening a port to download some virus or trojans or worms ?

I my sound very far fetched but why not since javascrit have been used by malicious coders to infect innocent and unsuspecting users ?

It's history replaying itself with a new twist.

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