Sunday, February 24, 2008

a rant on the grim future of tech

Whenever a new technology emerges , somehow man kind would manage to corrupt that technology to meet one's own selfish end. I foresee and dare say that the future of humanity and technology would continue to go down this corrupted road ... this road of danger and perils. Mankind have created computer virsuses and bugs , malwares , adwares , trojans .. deliberately twisting codes to create backdoor or corrupt a system... Humans have use technology to kill each other (guns , weapons , genetic alteration of viruses and bacterias or harmful substances , elcetronics ... mechanisms) and also to harm and destroy other species and creatures around us.

Mankind have always and would always corrupt new emerging technologies that may promise new hope ... turning these technologies against ourselves and others.

How pathetic human kind are. I watched an anime , Shigofumi , and one time , the main character , Fumika , sighs at how pathetic human beings are compared to those who live in the afterlife or other creatures. I would agree hands down that how pathetic human kinds are. We created encryption and other software products like firewalls and anti virus to protect ourselves , but also at the same time , traded our freedom for some jumbled up cryptic message to protect our message content (encryption) , cage ourselves in (firewall and filters) and have to constantly live with fear that someone would just break into our systems and take over.

I can foresee new exciting technologies over the horizon , coming out , but I see the other darker half of these new hopeful technologies too...

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