Friday, February 1, 2008

Micorsoft + Yahoo ?

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Microsoft have been dominating the tech industry for a very long time and now wants to take in Yahoo . I wonder what's happened to the world ? Trying to be the one sole Conqueror ? This comment is not applied to Just Microsoft but to other companies including Google or anyone whose trying to eat up companies just to become more powerful.

Then what would happen to smaller companies or companies and organizations that just started up ? In this way of trying to monopolize tech industry , the one getting hurt are not the bigger companies since they are all fat and well stocked up to take damages , but the ones receiving the hardest blows are smaller companies.

Schemes to help and fund smaller companies and organizations to grow are not really out of kindness but some sort of a gamble and an intent to eat them as well anyway if these companies create good products or services.

I think simply , the market is like a battle place as the Sun Tzu Art of War said. All these 'kind' schemes are just something to make use of an just another tactic to try and dominate the market. The tech industry / market / community is just like the War States in Ancient China where everyone tries to fight and become the Emporer.

It's just so irritating and tiring to always hear news of whose going to eat up who and all these stupid competition for fame and power.

No wonder humans cannot improve and evolve spiritually because they are all overly attached to the gross material. If this goes on ... no matter how go human technology is , we would further devolve further into a very sorry and pitiful lowly being if compared to other species around us.

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