Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vista in Shambles


Vista have a very bad track record of all Windows product. Firstly, it has a delayed release date. secondly , it is bloated and requires lots of resources just to keep it afloat and third is that is' SP 1 is taking such a long time to release and the SP 1 have been warned to be as unstable as ever according to BBC's link, which breaks softwares. Who knows how many more software would this SP 1 break ?

Service Packs , updates and patches are very very crucial and important of any software development of an enterprise scale. No one wants to leave their system unpatch and left vulnerable to attackers and bugs running all over uncheck causing destruction and trouble. For an enterprise business , an attack on a company's system can bring down millions of dollars worth because of the down time and the need to repair and fix the system.Investors may also start to lose their confidence and become doubtful of the systems the company may use.

Since Windows is a widely use operating system and Vista have been installed in many computers and many people using Vista would be affected.

From the beginning , Vista started out with a terrible performance ... I doubt how well can it go.

Microsoft is already planning for another version of Windows OS to be released. I wonder would it also end up like Vista ?

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