Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another reason to avoid Microsoft Windows


In short, Microsoft created a thumbdrive device for law enforcement agents to use to gain access to Windows on machines while bypassing Windows securities.

Firstly, it's a total violation of trust of Microsoft products because such down right dirty things can be done by Microsoft and not just this time but many times. It also violates human rights and rights of protecting personal data. So any law enforcement or any one with that wild card , even Microsoft themself , can go round without trouble getting pass Windows defenses.... and look at people's stuff.

Imagine what happen if one of these wild cards got slipped away or stolen, then cracked and made into some distributed softwares and attackers would have another victory card in their hand.

What happened if countries and government computers running Windows become hacked because of this wild card ? Imagine someone getting hold of a lost government laptop running Windows or maybe gain entry into some government compound secretly or through trickery and managd to plug one of these wild cards in and copy secretive and highly confidential data ? What happened if this happened to some country's defense department running Windows and this wild card somehow found it's way into a disgrunted employee or someone managed to intrude into the building and gained illegal access to defense materials ?

There are many possibilities of anything that can go wrong with this wild card and the above is but a few.

What happened if foreign spies and espionage agents use the wild card to intrude into some other governments ? It may trigger some war or political disaster ?

What happened if the content of this wild card is made into a software and can be used on remote login systems or some virtualized machines allowing remote access ?

So from the above, any government agenices and civilians or companies, should not use Microsoft Windows if they fear their data confidentiality , intergrity and safety.

What a lowly thing Microsoft really could do by creating such lowly products.

I think people should by now have seen so much of the ugly side of Microsoft !

What a shame !

What a low life !

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