Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good BotNet vs Bad BotNet ?

Read: http://technology.newscientist.com/article/dn13753-to-defeat-a-malicious-botnet-build-a-friendly-one.html

It's a rather stupid thing to say this thing is good and that thing is bad. This is good BotNet to counter and protect and shield and that is evil BotNet to manipulate, spam , DDoS ...etc. The notion of good and evil is the weakness of human's mind that likes to create conceptions for their brains to try and understand and comprehend the uncomprehensible...

A blade , like a BotNet, is neither good or evil. It depends on how you use the blade and a blade used for good can be corrupted for bad. You can use a blade to cut up your veg and meat for preparing your meals but the blade can be used to stab you and injure you.

The good BotNet, is just simply some BotNet same as the evil BotNet, use for a different purpose and things can be corrupted easily.

What happened if the evil BotNet could hack into and take over good BotNet ? It would exponentially boost the strenght of the supposed evil and the hacker may allow the good BotNet to act as if it were listening to orders while underneath, getting the corrupted BotNet to do nasty stuff like introducing viruses, trojans , DDoS ...etc ...

BotNets are simply just softwares made for distributed network environment and nothing else.... the use of it... even if the BotNet is equipped with tools for hacking , spamming and DDoS, can be used for good purposes like diagnostics in real time testing ...etc.

The concept of duality (good and evil), is just the limited perception of the nature and working of the world. Things are simply as they are...neither good not evil... What is really good or evil is the perception of the individual and it's use and notions...

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