Friday, April 11, 2008

High Availability Automated Peers concept for BT

If BitTorrent (BT) requires someone to upload/seed by specification either manually or by by schedule, it is still a manual work by humans. If there is some item available with no active seeding because of different time zone of the requester and possible seeders, there would be as good as nothing.

I think the High Availability Automated Peers (HAAP) which I recently just thought of may help lighten the work. I am not sure if this concept is already available but this is what I thought of personally. HAAP would require an automated bot BT client programmed to randomly download or download certain or common BTs and data and the this bot client would go around doing it nealry 24/7 if the owner of the bot client allows. The bot would automatically download and thus would have either a pool of random or controlled items. See these bot clients as mini servers that a re spread out across the world , switched on nearly 24/7 and randomly or according to the owner's orders, downloading items and then upload / seed it. In this way, you would have somme sort of highly available BTs on this server likg bot clients and if there are no humans seeding, these bot clients are there for you to leech if the bot clients do have the items you want and plus, if there are more bot clients, it's also lightening the load of uploads across the board and it would be as good as extra help.

This is just my personal concept I thought of.

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