Sunday, April 6, 2008

Microsoft in despo mode...

As everyone knows, Microsoft have forced Yahoo to re-consider it's choice of offering itself up for Microsoft to eat. Microsoft have warned Yahoo that within 3 weeks, if there is no agreement, Microsoft would go directly to the Yahoo share holders to buy their shares. By doing so, Microsoft is pushing Yahoo to the edge of a cliff. If Yahoo doesn't agree, Microsoft go to the share holders and grab their share and when Microsoft have enough shares in hand, Microsoft could take over Yahoo outright, if Yahoo bends to Microsoft's will, Yahoo would be eaten up by Microsoft, Both ways, Yahoo could not escape.

The most underhanded way Micrsoft have done to Yahoo is to buy the shares from share holders and it's the one of the WORSE I HAVE EVER SEEN MICROSOFT DOING !!!

It seems Microsoft have not learnt it's lessons from the numerous anti-trust suits by EU and other organisations and individuals against it. I think more anti-trust suits should be slapped on Microsoft with heavier punishments.

I would imagine that sooner or later , there would be some groups of people boycotting Microsoft for it's most recent underhanded ways against Yahoo.

It's not that Microsoft have no rights to acquire Yahoo, but by using underhanded and forcefully brutal ways to acquire, pushing Yahoo to the edge of a cliff... is the WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN !!!!

Microsoft is really in MODE=DESPO FOR POWER

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