Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some bloated softwares

Definition of a bloated software: A software that uses too much resource and too much memory and is an overkill. Very little of the original software is used.

I personally don't like bloated software because I have experience the negative effects of bloated softwares... lag , consume too much memory and resource... very little functions is of frequent use.

Some bloated softwares are:
  • Windows OS ...yes... the infamously long boot up time and the frequent lags and crashes and quick using up of memory spaces. If you open the Windows Task Manager and check the amount of processes and memory taken up. We somehow still have to use Windows base products since most applications are built for Windows although other OS flavours like Linux , Solaris , Mac , BSD ... are available.
  • Windows based products
    • Internet Explorer (IE) - I have no idea why this is the slowest and most bulky of all browsers.
    • Live Messenger / Windows Messenger - Takes very very slow to connect and load and I notice everytime it loads , the graphics would lag , screens would appear white areas ... some applications would hang ...etc. Pidgin and other messengers aren't like this... they are fast and don't hang applications frequently or cause screen to appear weird.
    • MS Office based - long load time , take a significant mount of main memory ... some may lag or hang.
  • Adobe
    • Photoshop - weird white space ... bad graphics load up ...but not too bad after that. Takes a bit too much resource though but hey, this is graphics rendering so good graphics... means trade off of some more resources right ?
Just to name a few as of above... but it seems things made by Windows are bloated.

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