Monday, April 21, 2008


Biofuel is a potential solution to the world's oil crisis with prices for a barrel of oil shooting sky wards and increasing with very few decrease in oil prices in the record of oil prices history for modern civilisation. The monopoly of oil is a particularly lucrative business where you can squeeze dry pockets... especially making poor people poorer since oil is needed for many things in daily needs like vehicles, power plant ...etc. I personally see the monopoly and misuse of the power of monopoly of oil and it's prices as a form of tyranny... but anyway, back to the main topic on biofuel.

Biofuel is cleaner than conventional fuel as everyone knows. But the negative side of biofuel is undeniable and not excusable too.

More lands have been clearer to plant crops for biofuel and crops yielded have been focused on making biofuel, rather than on feeding the world's hungry population ... thus similar to conventional fuel, as bad as always.

The current food crisis is because of the diversion of huge amount of crops and lands to the creation of plant based biofuel. Imagine the amount of trees you have to cut down just for something clean ?

The equation doesn't add up !

If you really want to be green, then why do you need to destroy trees and habitats of the wild just for biofuel ? Why ?

By giving up huge pieces of nature just to produce biofuel, it's no better than falling more timbers and producing more green house gases and the cutting down of trees which could be used to convert greenhouse gases !

Look at the current food crisis... people are taking such a chance to jack up their food prices drastically. What a pathetic bunch of species called humans... always living such a low life !

Governments should have rules and controls passed to regulate the crops used for biofuel and the crops for exporting and feeding the people. Fair rules have to be passed, researched to be done, to right the wrongs that hurt the innocent. If governments do not quickly regulate crops used for biofuel and knwo the limits, then situations of hunger and misuse of opportunities to jack up food prcies would keep increasing... thus degrading a country.

In essence, know how much to use for biofuel and keep ample enough for export and feeding the people... Balance, Balance , Balance. Look at the cause and effects before doing !

The Earth would not die ... it's the humans and species living on the surface of the earth and many organic life that would die. Earth have always cleansed itself whenever it's surface is too polluted... but by cleansing itself, many organism are doomed to die.. including humans.

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