Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Behaving as a Hypocrite

Today, we would move off topic from technology take a small glimpse at humanity and something called hypocritism. And yes, this blog is getting a bit political... because it affects the world. But overall, we would try to stay more focus on technology.

The US and 'civilized western powers' have called nations like Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe... etc... as 'uncivilized' since these countries still have capital punishments (execution by death) as a form of punishment. Watching this video, who is the true hypocrite ? You know the answer.

Hmmm... Republicans always smear US history isn't it ? War and all sorts of horrendous stuff. Anyway, US history has always been ugly, let's face it. Can't they ever do the right thing can get people to praise them ?

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