Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Obama's administration's reputation drops another notch again ?

If this is true, Obama's administration and the White House would have their reputation drop another notch again I guess. Well, it's not really polite to insult a head of state like that but that's nothing illegal at all.

What's the difference between what the FBI and the White House did and Thailand's 'lèse majesté' law although the difference is abit lighter because the teen doesn't get deported from UK and tortured by FBIs. 

Isn't the US about freedom inclusive of the freedom of expression and speech ? This teen did not commit any act of crime by his remarks. If his words contain threats and messages of 'terror' (e.g. bomb threats and assassinations) , then he has committed an offense but his message doesn't contain 'terror'.

I wonder if they are getting down the wrong path these days and ruining their own reputations (as always) in front of the international community. 

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