Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Insecurity and Malicious Ferocity

Twitter Insecurity

Twitter should serious look into it's input sanitization mechanism. Don't end up like in this XKCD comic depiction... catastrophy... but this comic is about SQL Injection, Twitter's problem is unsanitized input... similar to SQL Injection.

HTML 5 Insecurity

PLEASE, the World needs less of these stupid insecurity and dirty business tricks. Why can't the World be in peace and less of these trickery and human flaws ? Oh... humanity loves these hypes and daily miserable drama.... I almost forgot about that... that's why we have so much meaningless things going on.

HTML 5... is just as INSECURE... that's my conclusion. It's time someone write a Free and Open Source software to take out these insecurities in HTML 5 and disallow others from misusing it. I suggest browsers should give users some sort of user friendly control to literally 'WIPE__CLEAN' all available storage areas. Browser makers knows best where and which corner in the browser data could be stored and hidden and what sort of mechansim can be made to cause data to resurrect like evercookie. We need a huge 'NUKE OUT THE NASTIES' button to take out these yucky things and never allow them to replicate on our side.

Browser makers should also step up security, making sure what sort of javascript and client side scripts that can be safely executed and not harvest user informations. It's unethical to disturb a person's privacy but what if one day YOU ARE A VICTIM OF PRIVACY ISSUES ? Ever consider that ?

HUMANS... think ....there are always consequences to actions we do. Consider well.

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