Friday, September 17, 2010

Choking up on Flash

Opera have made impressive efforts improving it's browser in 10.60 but sadly, it has not properly address fundamental issues of crashing and jamming like what Chrome did. I couldn't say Chrome is any better when it comes to being crashy (although it 'safely' handles crashes). Unlike Chrome, Opera just colour your desktop with the most beautiful jam your ever seen. Take a look at the two screen shots of a jammed Opera running on Ubuntu.

Do not that I have taken out some information to protect my own privacy.

As I am typing below these texts after uploading these pictures, Opera starts to kick up some fuss and hiccups abit. Bad Opera !!

Apparently, it's partly Google's fault for not making some of their applications friendly to Opera.

Why I have been using Opera lately is because it has a mail integration where I could simply check my mail without going to the webmail sites. Guess I am too lazy ain't I ? Lol.

Now back to topic. Flash 10.1(Adobe official version) is still kicking up lots of fuss, jamming my web browsers when I start to load 3 to 4 tabs worth of Youtube (each 10 minutes long) while paused each video. It happens to Firefox, Chrome and Opera... giving me such a nasty headache.

Opera gives the most headache and pain as you can see from the above screenshots. Not only does it hang, it literally 'colour your desktop' nicely. :D

Good job Opera. You made my day. I sent to the Opera team two issue tickets but I never got to hear anything from them forever. I know, they are busy with tons of other bugs which are more important then mine.

Well, this is a rant about bad web browsers and nasty official Adobe Flash 10.1 running on Linux. Adobe really haven't put enough efforts to make it's products competent on Linux as you can from the all so frequent crashes of Flash on Linux platform although Adobe market themselves as competent on Linux as well. it's time Adobe should get serious with making user experience really good and sleek on Linux or people would still be complaining about them.

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