Saturday, September 11, 2010

Skynet, here we come

Oh my, isn't this no different from those movies... Terminators, Skynet ...etc. Controlling people free will and minds whether for the better or the worse is equally bad no matter what the root intention is because the possibility of misuse of such technology is very very high. What if the controls to the machines to control people's brains falls into the hands of al Qaeda or extremists ? There's always a 'what if' scenario... Murphy's Law. There is no guarantee this technology would be used for the better but a guarantee that the technology would be used for harm because of the nature of humans and their greedy little ego.For those who created such technologies to control other's will, would you want to have a taste of your own medicine first and be controlled ? Would you like that feeling that your own brains have been intruded and taken over by someone else ?

Take a moment and think before you create these inventions !!!

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