Saturday, September 18, 2010

What Oracle Should do to Ja

Oracle has gotten itself into a whole load of bad name after taking over Sun.

Here's my view... may sound abit philosophical but that's my view anyway.

Why does Oracle fight over patents ? Sue Google and do all these unnecessary stuff when they could have spent so much time and effort doing even more constructive things. The link above reflects exactly what Oracle and previously Sun should have done which has been so long overdue.

Stop the fighting and jealousy and all. Make peace... really, a lot of constructive time have been wasted. Cooperate with Google and make the World a better place. This is not just for Oracle. This is for all corporations, all governments, all groups, all people, everyone. It sounds hippie but what the World needs now is stop for a moment, reflect their actions and impacts and make peace with each other. Humanity would advance faster and be able to handle problems.

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