Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who Hurts Nature

Today, we shall take a break from technology. So here's an article I posted.

Have anyone of you pondered, who truely hurt when Nature is 'hurt' ? Us or
Nature ? who would be on the losing end ?

Let's take a moment and explore into this. When humans 'destroy' Nature by
polluting it and cutting down trees and harming other species, these acts hurts
Nature. Indeed, Nature is hurt because it's inhabitants suffer. Does Nature
truely 'hurt' ?

Nature is always known to have restored balance and heal 'herself' when she's
being disrupted. Those who truely hurt are the species and the living
inhabitants of Nature. The spirit of Nature, is never hurt. Her restorative and
balancing capabilities are always astounding and a genius. it's the children of
Nature who are truely hurt. If you truely want to hurt nature, her spirit is
always pure and vast. All you can do is hurt her children.

When the spirit of Nature feels that a need for cleansing has come, she would
cleanse itself and species would die. Destruction would occur, but new life...
new species would be born to take the place of those who have fallen.

You may say that Nature is cruel, but have you stopped and taken a look, who is
the one responsible for Nature to bring about a cleansing ? Have you ever
wondered who is truely selfish ? Us or Nature ? For our own gains, we have
forced Nature to a decision where it has to cleanse itself to regain balance.

Nature does not have preference for her children and she only does what it needs
to be balanced. Those who understand her and knows how to tap into her in
constructive ways would benefit. Those who ignore and are intent on destroying
her and her children would only realize that their actions have vast

Who is the one truely hurting? Us or Nature ? Who would be on the losing end ?

The answer is without a doubt, other species and Us would be the one to suffer.
The spirit of Nature would not hurt. It's Us that must suffer if we continue on
our destructive and selfish ways.

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